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Underlying the majority of our suffering, insecurities, and extreme emotions lies trauma. Especially childhood trauma that can involve physical and sexual abuse or more chronic and insidious maltreatment such as neglect, emotional abuse, boundary violations, and emotional reactivity within the family.

With the right treatment, unresolved hurt, shame, rage, sadness, terror and despair can be identified and healed, thus freeing internal energy from defensive patterns such as:



People pleasing and chronic care taking


Harsh inner critic

Lashing out in your relationships

Extreme neediness


High anxiety and panic

Depression and apathy

Suicidal thinking

Reactivity and withdrawing in relationships

The results of effective trauma treatment can be:

Greater inner calm

Getting a better handle on your emotions

Increased confidence to handle life events

More harmonious relationships with deeper intimacy

Greater assertiveness and the ability to set boundaries

Increased self-acceptance and self-compassion

Therapy | Empathy WorksDr. Kurt Christiansen is a clinical psychologist specializing in the healing of trauma. Dr. Christiansen utilizes an integral approach, employing several advanced modalities of trauma treatment, including IFS (Internal Family Systems), Sensorimotor, Brainspotting, CRM (Comprehensive Resource Model), and Mindfulness.

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