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Crisis Intervention Manual

The Crisis Intervention Manual has been utilized in over 100 crisis and counseling centers around the world. It is a training tool for professional and non-professional counselors in developing the skills of conscious communication, active listening, and crisis intervention. The Manual provides a step-by-step, easy to understand guide for the majority of types of calls or situations a counselor may encounter such as suicide, domestic violence, child abuse, depression, rape, addiction, mental illness, sex and sexuality, and more. This manual is different from other crisis training books in that it invites the counselor to examine their own self, with practical exercises throughout the book designed tp expand empathy and release judgments that can interfere with being an effective helper. More than anything, this book is designed to inspire, motivate, and build confidence.

Inward & Upward by Kurt Christiansen

Inward and Upward

Inward & Upward is a practical how-to coursebook in learning to live a fully engaged life beyond ego.

As the reader traverses inward they will learn new qualities of being, a wider and higher perspective of themselves and the world, and simple and effective tools to reside at a higher level of consciousness permanently.

The course consistently nudges and inspires the reader to more fully participate in their lives by taking heart-felt, purpose-driven action in the world.

One of the unique aspects of the book is the lay out and design. It has a subtle yet powerful way of drawing you in to stop, ingest, and experience the truth, beauty, and goodness that lies at the core of all of us. It engenders learning from both sides of the brain with the intention to facilitate a permanent up-shift in consciousness from lack to wholeness.

There are no quick fixes about this course. No three steps to enlightenment here. This book is for the person who seriously wants to reduce suffering and live a joyous and deeply purposeful life.