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Imagine holding a training where your volunteers and staff are enthused about the reading material! A training where the counseling and therapeutic communication skills are sinking in deeper and faster. The Trainees feel inspired to help others and are motivated to learn more about how to be more empathic and loving people in their day-to-day lives. All this resulting in the community receiving a better service.

The Crisis Intervention Manual is specifically designed with the intention to Open people’s Hearts and Minds.

People love the Crisis Intervention Manual because it is an easy read and goes deeper into understanding ourselves and others, which keeps the material personally relevant throughout.

Reading this book will help people:

  • Learn how to handle every type of call with empathy and confidence utilizing simple, yet effective models and methods.
  • Learn why these problems occur and how to respond, using clearly explained examples that teach skills in action.
  • Increase self-awareness through an abundance of self-directed exercises designed to expand consciousness of one’s feelings and judgments that can get in the way of being an effective helper.
  • Build confidence in one’s self as a helper through combining all the above factors – creating authentic experiences for both listeners and callers.

Try it out with a group of trainees and see the results first hand.

  • Basic Counseling Skills
  • Exercises in Self-Awareness in order to deepen empathy and release judgments
  • The techniques of clear communication
  • How to handle specific types of callers
  • Information about specific types of calls
  • Why certain problems and crisis occur in society
  • Suggestions toward prevention of these problems
  • Resources and referrals on how to help

Active Listening


Open-Ended Questions

Opening a Call

Wrapping up a call


Voice Tone

Getting The Big Picture





I Messages

Problem Solving

Calming Strategies

Each Chapter covers all the Basic Skills of Counseling, Active Listening and Therapeutic Communication. And then gives clear examples of these skills in action with every type of call situation:




Death and Dying

Sex and Sexuality



Child Abuse


Difficult Callers


Mental Illness

Abusive Callers

Domestic Violence

Warning: Reading this Manual may result in raising individual and social consciousness, creating significant ripple effects throughout the world.